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Case Study: Chinese Massage To Depression And Anxiety, Mr C Mucklaw, Oxted

Case Study: Chinese Massage to depression and anxiety, Mr C Mucklaw, Oxted

The problem 

We were recently contacted by Mr Mucklaw who wished to incorporate regular massage therapy into his general wellbeing routine. He had suffered from depression and anxiety for several years, and it had begun to negatively impact his overall health leaving him lethargic, achy, and with stomach pain. He wished to improve his life by introducing a self-care routine that could help alleviate some of his symptoms. 

The mind and the body are so closely related that problems with one can quickly become problems with the other. Mental health conditions can leave a person feeling exhausted, and unable to sleep, and even lead to muscle and joint pain. Massage therapy is not a cure for mental health conditions, but when used in conjunction with other medications and therapy can help improve someone’s quality of life and relieve symptoms. 

The treatment 

Every person is different, and so the massage therapy that would best alleviate depression symptoms can also differ from person to person. We worked closely with Mr Mucklaw to figure out what therapy would best suit his needs before settling on Chinese massage therapy

Chinese massage therapy can be effective for people with depression due to its focus on the entire body whilst also providing a relaxing experience. It works by addressing the body’s Qi, or energy flow, to relieve tension, aid circulation, and improve digestive health – all things impacted by depression and anxiety. 

Research has suggested that Chinese massage may help people with depression by also reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone), increasing serotonin and dopamine in your brain, and stimulating your brain. It can also help connect your mind and body once more through sensation, something that can be affected by mental health conditions. 

The results   

After implementing a regular routine of Chinese massage into his schedule, Mr Mucklaw saw an increase in his energy levels and a substantial decrease in his stress. He was able to leave each session feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day. His quality of sleep also improved which helped reduce daily feelings of fatigue.

Mr Mucklaw visits Meridian Massage in Oxted once a week as part of his new self-care routine.

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