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Case Study: Chinese Massage To Help Tension Headaches, Mrs T Elliot, Oxted

Case Study: Chinese Massage to help tension headaches, Mrs T Elliot, Oxted

The problem

Mrs Elliott came to Meridian Massage due to tension headaches. A recent development at work had piled more stress onto an already stressful job and it had taken a toll on her body and her sleep schedule. 

Roughly 70% of people experience tension headaches and so we frequently see customers struggling with them. They’re thought to be caused by the muscles in your neck becoming stiff through stress, emotional conflict, or bad posture such as hunching over a mobile phone. This tightening of the muscles can then spread to your scalp which causes a tension headache. Due to this, a massage is an excellent way to relieve these types of headaches. 

The treatment 

As the root cause of Mrs Elliott’s problem was stress, we designed a course of Chinese massage therapy that would help her destress and finally relax. Stress can impact all parts of your body, from your muscles down to your digestive system, and so we used Chinese massage to focus on all of Mrs Elliott’s body. We aimed to improve digestive health, support her immune system, and offer pain relief by managing Mrs Elliot’s energy flow.

Chinese massage works by focusing on the qi, or the body’s energy flow, through kneading, chopping, and stretching various parts of the body to relieve tension. These techniques are focused along the body’s meridians which are thought to follow a similar path to the body’s cardiovascular system which helps improve overall circulation and blood flow. 

Chinese massage is often described as both relaxing and rejuvenating, providing Mrs Elliot with the extra boost of energy she needed to tackle her new work responsibilities head-on. 

The results

After just two sessions, the frequency of Mrs Elliott’s tension headaches reduced significantly and her new-found sense of relaxation allowed her to embrace her work rather than become buried under the stress of it. She visits our Oxted massage centre twice a week for regular massage therapy to keep her stress levels down. 

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