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Deep Tissue Massage Oxted - Meridian
Full Body Massage at Meridian

Full body massage therapy dates back to the Ancient Greeks and is one of the earliest healing practises. Modern massage treatment applies the basic principles of classical massage to a wide range of diseases. Your general wellbeing and health can be improved by regularly kneading muscles and soft tissue.

At Meridian Massage, we endeavour to provide outstanding service to all our customers by customising each massage session to their specific needs. We are Oxted’s leading massage centre, and our team of professional masseurs are all qualified and have undergone extensive training in order to provide a premium level of service.

We offer a wide range of massages and massage techniques, each tailored to a specific style of relaxation and to target various problem areas.

Full Body Massage Oxted
Why should you get a full body massage from Meridian Massage?

It’s no surprise that Meridian Massage has become one of the most popular massage centres in Surrey, with over 100 years of combined experience. The Meridian team brings a level of expertise to Full Body Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese, Thai, Swedish Massage, Head Massage and Sports Massage. Many of our practitioners have been taught at our sister company, Tuina Massage Training Centre, in Crawley. Tuina is one of the UK’s leading training centres of excellence for massage.

Customers can rest assured that they are in good hands. While you sink into a delightful state of relaxation, you can trust our masseurs to take care of any aches and pains you may have. When you meet with your massage therapist, they will help you to plan a therapy session that is specifically tailored to their needs.

The benefits of regular Full Body Massage

A full body massage considers your complete body and attempts to correct any muscles that have become strained or are sitting under tension. Tension in your hamstrings will be relieved by massaging your back, whilst tension in your shoulders will be relieved by massaging your neck. We help to find the connection and alleviate the issue you are facing.

The deep sense of relaxation that occurs with a skilled massage is one of the most noticeable and immediate benefits of massage treatment. Massage causes the release of endorphins, which are brain chemicals that increase sensations of well-being, happiness, and serenity. This helps to release excess adrenaline and cortisol that cause stress.

Clients will leave their massage session feeling considerably more relaxed than when they first arrived, and ready to take on their day with renewed energy.

Full Body Massage Cost at Meridian Oxted

Our pricing for this service is as follows:

  • 30 mins Full Body Massage = £35
  • 60 mins Full Body Massage = £55

Book your Full Body Massage at Meridian Massage Centre

If you live around the Oxted, East Grinstead, Godstone, or Lingfield and are interested in a Full Body Massage, or in any of our other treatments, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our professional masseurs will be more than happy to help you. If you have any specific concerns, or areas you’d like to target do not hesitate to divulge them with us and we can tailor a massage treatment session just for you. We are conveniently located in Oxted town centre.

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