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young woman relaxing and having head massage in spa salon
Professional Head Massage at Meridian

Receiving a professional head massage (sometimes referred to as a scalp massage) can help to alleviate the symptoms of migraines and chronic headaches while also encouraging relaxation and stress reduction. Cranial-sacral massage treatment is a light massage method that focuses on the central nervous system of the head, spinal column, and sacrum and is aimed to alleviate stress.

A classic head massage focuses on the whole head and neck, allowing for relaxation and a release of tension.

Meridian Head Massage Oxted, Surrey
What does a Head Massage include at Meridian

During a head massage, a variety of massage strokes are performed. Strokes are made with flat fingers and hands, and the pressure used can range from light to hard. Using various types of strokes on the scalp, neck, and shoulders is recognised to be a stress reliever as well as a treatment for acute and chronic headaches.

Kneading is used on the neck and shoulders, where muscle tissue is present. Kneading is a type of gentle, rhythmic massage that squeezes and pulls tissue, to encourage deeper blood and lymph circulation by compressing soft tissues. The lymph circulation must be stimulated in order to eliminate waste products from the tissues and maintain healthy muscles.

We frequently use acupressure in head massages. Acupressure is a technique in which pressure is administered to trigger points in the soft tissues using the fingertip or thumb. Pressure points aid in the removal of knots, the relaxation of muscles, and the promotion of blood circulation throughout the body. Pressure points are used around the shoulder, head and face to release common areas of tension.

The Benefits of Head Massage

A professional head massage offers a plethora of health advantages, from basic relaxation to alleviating tensions and general stress levels. .

While receiving a skilled head massage at our Oxted Massage Centre, you will fall into a high state of relaxation and tranquillity. The head will be gently manipulated to restore normal flow in the central nervous system. Once this flow is normalised, it should continue to move more freely, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Release tension
  • Reduce headache and migraine pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote relaxation
  • Promote hair growth
  • Lowers blood pressure
Head Massage Cost at Meridian Oxted

Our pricing for this service is as follows:

  • 30 mins Head Massage = £30
  • 60 mins Head Massage = £50

Book your Head massage at Meridian Massage Centre

If you live around the Oxted, East Grinstead, Godstone, or Lingfield and are interested in a Head massage, or in any of our other treatments, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our professional masseurs will be more than happy to help you. If you have any specific concerns, or areas you’d like to target do not hesitate to divulge them with us and we can tailor a massage treatment session just for you. We are conveniently located in Crawley town centre.

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