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Case Study: Sports Massage To Help Muscle Imbalance, Mr RJ Davey, Oxted

Case Study: Sports Massage to help muscle imbalance, Mr RJ Davey, Oxted

The problem 

Mr Davey recently visited Meridian Massage with tight back, neck, and shoulder muscles looking for a way to relieve the pain he was experiencing daily. Mr Davey was an avid gym goer, but his imbalanced workout routine had resulted in tight and stiff muscles along his upper back. This issue was only exacerbated by his job, where he was required to sit at a desk all day. 

Muscle imbalances are a common issue, especially among those who lift weights. It is where one side of a muscle is worked more than the other, leading to one side becoming stronger and shorter whilst the other side becomes longer, looser, and weaker. When this occurs your body takes tiny steps to compensate for it, which can result in upper back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, trapped nerves, and headaches. 

It is not just an imbalanced workout plan that can lead to muscle imbalances. Bad posture or even sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can lead to one side of a muscle being utilised more than the other. 

The treatment 

In order to tackle Mr Davey’s pain, we scheduled regular sports massages aimed at relieving tension along his upper back. Sport massages focus their efforts on one particular area of the body, unlike a deep tissue massage which targets multiple different areas, through manipulation of tendons, ligaments and muscles. These massages can increase blood flow to muscles, aid with injury recovery, increase lymph node flow to remove the build-up of toxins from muscles and break down any scar tissue that has built up in muscles over time. 

We also recommended that Mr Davey meet with a personal trainer who could help him formulate a new workout plan that could prevent further muscle imbalances and re-align his posture. 

The results 

After 4-5 massage sessions, the tension in Mr Davey’s upper back muscles had loosened considerably leading to a freer range of movement and a decrease in pain. Working alongside a new personal trainer, he was able to find a workout routine that enabled him to get results without sacrificing his health or comfort. 

Mr Davey has implemented regular sports messages at our Oxted massage centre as part of his weekly fitness programme.

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