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Five Mother’s Day Massages To Pamper Your Mum This Year

Five Mother’s Day Massages to Pamper Your Mum this Year

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to show your mum how much you appreciate her. Treat your mum to a special massage to help her relax and unwind. We have compiled our five most popular and relaxing massages for her to enjoy. As an exclusive Mother’s Day treat, we’re offering 10% off all massages for Mother’s Day!

Head and Shoulder Massage

A head and shoulder massage focuses on the areas of the body that carry most of our tension – our neck, shoulders, and head. This type of massage helps relieve mental stress, reduce headaches, improve circulation in the scalp area, and increase flexibility in the neck and shoulders. It also helps promote better sleep quality by calming her mind before bedtime. Help your mum unwind and release tension by booking her in for a head and shoulder massage with one of our specialists. You won’t regret it.

Back Massage

Back massages target specific areas of tension within your back muscles. They help improve posture, reduce back pain, decrease muscle tension, and boost overall relaxation. With regular back massages, you can expect less stiffness in your body when you stand up or sit down for long periods of time. Mum’s have busy schedules, and often don’t take the time to relax. A back massage is the perfect way to melt any of her mental and physical stress away.

Full Body Massage

A full body massage is exactly what it sounds like – a massage that covers your entire body from head-to-toe! Think of this type of massage as an MOT for the whole body. Full body massage focuses on releasing any tension that may be stored throughout the entire body as well as restoring balance between mind and body, making it the ultimate relaxing pampering session your mother deserves.

Foot Massage

Foot massages are especially helpful if you spend a lot of time on your feet. This type of massage stimulates various pressure points on the feet which can result in increased circulation throughout the lower legs as well as improved balance when standing or walking. It can also help reduce fatigue caused by standing for extended periods of time or physical activities such as running, jogging, or hiking. We spend so much time on our feet, and they rarely get the care they need. A professional foot massage will not only relieve the feet of any discomfort or tension but is also incredibly relaxing.

Chinese Massage

Also known as Tui Na massage therapy, Chinese massage has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat various ailments such as muscular spasms and strains, joint pain, sciatica nerve pain, and digestive issues, as well as insomnia. In addition to providing physical relief from these conditions, Chinese massage also helps promote emotional healing by addressing emotional blockages through energy pathways known as meridians (Qi channels). Your mum will feel all her stress and tension melt away during Chinese massage. The experience is elevated using luxurious essential oils which work to deepen relaxation.

Give your mum a special gift this Mother’s Day by treating her to one of these five relaxing massages. Whether it’s a head and shoulder massage to reduce mental stress or a full-body massage for overall relaxation; there’s something here for everyone! Don’t forget – we’re offering 10% off all massages this Mother’s Day so don’t miss out! Happy pampering!

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